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"I've learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


- Maya Angelou

"I felt completely safe, understood and most of all heard when I was being counseled by Daniela. She has the unique ability to guide you to achieve breakthroughs and to give you the tools to bring peace and happiness into your life. Throughout my journey, Daniela truly cared about me and was there every step of the way. When I got those "Aha Moments" Daniela was just as excited and celebrated those moments with me. That's the difference you will feel with her, it shows and I felt how much she loves what she does. You have nothing to lose and everything wonderful to gain with Daniela's guidance and care. I'm so thankful for what Daniela has done for me. I pray others will experience the love and light of this incredible soul in their time of need."

— SP, Senior Account Manager

Meagan D

Registered Nurse

I met Daniela by 'coincidence' or simply because the universe knew that I was in need of immense counseling, support and compassion. After experiencing a traumatic year with a life-threatening illness, a serious car accident, and the ending of a relationship, I felt completely lost and broken down. From the moment I had my first counseling session with Daniela, I started to heal. She has a natural ability to make her clients feel heard and be seen which creates a compassionate energy to the room. She has helped me to see circumstances differently and has helped me to forgive deep wounds simply by giving me a chance to release sadness, anger and frustration followed by shifting my perspective to a loving standpoint. I highly recommend her services as she truly does care. She can make a positive impact on whatever someone may be going through and she is meant to be doing this. Thank you for helping me heal parts of myself that I didn't know needed healing and thank you for being so aligned with your purpose that you are able to extend love to others in such a profound way.


Marketing Director

"Daniela is one of those "one in a million" individuals, with passion, heart and a desire to help others. Working with her, I found the courage to conquer the darkest of moments that had been holding me back for years. When the road ahead may not seem clear, I know I can always count on her to help me create the next part of my journey."

Merve Ak

Marketing Coordinator

"The day I met her.. My life has changed tremendously. The vibe she has is something that you want more of. I was at a place where I was carrying my child-hood trauma and lot of pain. I was walking dead and perfectly hiding it. I was very exhausted and there is a reason I met this amazing lady! She guided me and showed me things and aspects that I had never realized. From day One her genuine approaches meant a lot to me! The most beautiful part working with Daniela is that she listens and cares what you say and how you feel. Then boom! She shows me another way of thinking and healing. Whenever I get stuck and feel lost she is there to guide me through my own situations. God bless you Daniela! You are wonderful soul and I am lucky to have you! Thanks for everything."


Registered Clinical Nurse

"I have had the absolute privilege of knowing Daniela for 3 years now. It is rare to meet people that you instantly recognize came not only on this earth but in your life for a specific person. As soon as I got to know Daniela, I was touched by just how much she dedicates her life to helping others, and God is she ever good at it. Her empathy is so real one can't help but open up to her. So it is to no surprise she is now a certified counsellor ; a beautiful way to now do what shall has been doing for years as a career. Daniela helped me unblock situations I have dealt with. Always with love and compassion. That aha moment, a new look, fresh perspective which has helped tremendously in my growth. I am grateful to have met her and looking forward to continue working with her. I have no doubt she will continue to shine by helping others as she was truly born to do this. Thank you Daniela for all you do."                           


School Principal

"Daniela Abedrabbo is highly skilled in offering guidance to support others on their journey to becoming their best. The blessing of having her cross my path to share her wisdom and challenge me to go towards growth has caused significant change in my life. Often little life anecdotes  she has shared with me during counselling about living with integrity will pop to mind and with the lessons from her words I am made to choose wisely and with integrity when making decisions. Never once did I feel judged by Daniela  and instead had felt so trusting of her that I have been  able to fully share  ALL experiences and work towards healing. The really amazing thing about Daniela is that she lives every moment consciously and is always always working to improve herself.  She never stops trying to be the best version of herself so that she can be the best counsellor. She is truly amazing and will work wonders with you on your life."

Michelle Wong

Life Lover, Big Laugher, Networking Specialist 

"My experience with Daniela as a counsellor was transformative for my relationship with men, finances, and myself.  Her methodology was very simple:  she listened and reminded me of what was actually happening in my life and asked me what actions I was willing to take to change.  As a person who invests in personal growth, part of my struggle was being inauthentic and speaking my truth.  So when my life was "falling apart", she was there, by my side, coaching me on how to engage in the most powerful conversation of my life.  Spoken like a true coach, she gave me the tools I needed in order take charge of my life.  Without her, I don't think I would know what it means to powerfully choose what I need.  Daniela allowed me an opportunity to powerfully let go of what wasn't working, so that I can heal and allow for bigger and better things to appear in my life.  Today, I am on a path of getting professionally licensed in my career."  

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