Why Counselling?

Sometimes we look at our lives and wonder:

"How did I end up here and how do I change this?" 

Other times, it feels like we have it all. Life is working in our favour, yet, we still feel incomplete inside; as though something is missing and we can't quite put our finger on it.


We may feel stuck, scared, lost and uncertain where to go or what actions to take.

When we don’t pause, listen and change direction, obstacles and discomfort can continue to knock on our door until we pay attention; and that's when a counsellor, coach and/or guide can help.

Growth is inevitable and it can require moving beyond our old patterns and behaviours.

Guidance, tools and new perspectives can support us through these changes.

In our sessions, a safe and non-judgmental space is designed for you to show up in whatever form you need. You are supported in making yourself and your desires the number one priority. 

You are guided in understanding yourself, your patterns and learning to develop and trust your own intuition to make powerful decisions for yourself.

Together, we work on what is hindering you from being the best version of yourself and we focus on achieving the results that YOU want.

About Me


Entrepreneur. Traveler. Dancer. Life-long Learner.

Published Author. Master Manifestor.

Passion for self-improvement.

Strong believer in the Body, Mind & Soul connection.

I am about being in action & getting results. 

Always counting my Blessings & inspiring others

to do the same!

Together, we can focus on:

  • You building and growing loving, fulfilling, powerful relationships

  • You designing and living a life that you love and you are inspired by

  • You creating an abundant and joyful career based on excitement, not fear

  • You connecting to your spirituality & figuring out what that means for you

  • You using your gifts in this lifetime, including your intuition and achieving your dharma

  • You exploring and developing healthy, safe boundaries in all areas of life

  • You successfully and responsibly transitioning from one area of life to another

  • You speaking your truth powerfully and authentically in all areas of life

  • And more..