About Me

I have been stuck more than once not knowing and not understanding how to stop certain behavioural and emotional cycles. After doing work on myself including counselling, self-growth courses/seminars, retreats, self-care and more, I have learned to recognize, trust and follow my intuition instead of the pressures I feel from my external environment.


This has completely transformed my relationships with myself and others into more powerful, authentic and playful experiences. It has helped me become more compassionate for others' experiences and truly show up  for them in a nurturing and empowering way. Today I want to use my personal experience and my expertise to help you transform your life and relationships.

Most of my background is in Sales & Account Management. I spent years building and growing relationships and that is when I realized how much I care for people and love working with them. Ten years after completing my Marketing Diploma and a Bachelor of Commerce I decided to completely change fields and began my Counsellor/Coach journey .

I am now a Registered Counsellor (RPC) with the Canadian Professional Counselling Association and a Certified Coach. In my practice, I use a non judgemental, client-centered, holistic approach that includes the body, mind and spirit (emotions).

As a counsellor, my stand is for you to be present to your "blind spots". These are all the unconscious things in the way of you living a meaningful, fulfilled life. These blockages or fears you have no idea exist and are preventing you from breaking old patterns and moving forward. During our counselling sessions I will encourage you to explore your challenges or problem from various perspectives to help you expand your perception of the choices available to you. We will continue this process of exploration and reflection until you have found the solution that is a ‘true fit for you. My stand is for you to create new awarenesses about how to move forward to achieve the changes you most desire!

In addition to my private practice, I am the founder of One Stop Therapy, an online directory for Body, Mind and Soul therapists and workshops.