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About Me

I was stuck, lost, confused more than once before, where I just did not know how to experience true joy and inner peace. After years of self work in the form of counselling and other therapies I was able to overcome several challenges, experience true alignment and manifest new results in my life; using healthy tools and moving through old patterns.


Thanks to all of these modalities, I also learned to recognize, trust and follow my intuition instead of acting on the pressures from my external environment.


This journey has completely transformed - and continues to transform - my relationship to myself and others into a more powerful, authentic and playful one. My experiences taught me compassion, curiosity and patience, allowing me to show up for others in a more nurturing and empowering way.


Today, I use my personal lived-experience and my professional expertise to help others revamp their lives and relationships.


With a background in Sales & Account Management, I spent years building and nurturing relationships which is when I realized how much I enjoy working with people. A decade later, I realized that my Marketing Diploma and Bachelor of Commerce no longer inspired me; so I decided to change careers and began my journey to become a registered counsellor. 


I am a clinical Counsellor, MPCC, RPC and a Certified Coach since 2016 and in my practice, I use a non judgmental, trauma-informed, client-centered, solution-based and a holistic approach that includes the body, mind and spirit.

During our counselling sessions, I will encourage you to explore challenges from various perspectives and expand your perception of the choices available to you. We will continue this process of exploration and reflection until you find the solutions that are a true fit for you. My goal is to support you in creating a renewed awareness of how to actualize the changes you most desire!

Counselling, Therapy, Depression, Fertility, Community Support,

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