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Intuitive Mentoring with Daniela

Conscious Women's Community

September 2022 - December 2022

Many of you have asked for this community based environment to support you on your journey and here it is! Thanks to your curiosity, excitement and desire to heal and grow, this program is now born.

This is your life, your game, and I am here to use my knowledge, experience & intuition to guide you into materializing your goals.

Come join me on this 3 months experience to achieve whatever your heart desires!

Why this program?

Many of us do the work using different modalities, reading books, taking courses and it can leave us filling unfulfilled, stuck, unmotivated manifesting no results or simply scared.

Often having the tools, or the knowledge is not enough.

Having community, accountability and specific homework with feedback can make a great difference.

Especially when we get confronted and scared.

The intention of this program is to create a safe community for 6 incredible people to connect, heal and create/manifest together using my guidance &  your internal compass - your intuition.

If you are someone that is wanting to improve, transform or simply be curious on how to shift things in your life within a safe, dynamic community. This might be the place for you!

What to expect

This is a 3 months program that includes:

  • 6 participants that are eager to transform different areas of their lives

  • 1.5 hours weekly group counselling/mentoring sessions​

  • Access to a private community whatsap group to connect and support throughout the week

  • Weekly lessons, tools & homework

  • Access to Daniela's resources

  • You get to bring any areas of your life you want to work on

  • A safe environment for you to show up authentically and speak your truth

If this is the program for you, apply now!

We will review your application and get back to you by August 15, 2022.

Counselling, Therapy, Depression, Fertility, Community Support,

  • Applications close July 30, 2022

  • A 3 months commitment is required

  • ​Payment plans available upon request

  • Payments are non refundable

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