Individual Counselling

One on One client centered 60 minute session where we explore anything you want to work on. We can explore any of the following:

  • Changes you are going through. Any changes can be challenging, at work, at home, within the family. Small or Big, they all have an impact.

  • Feelings that are coming up. Anger, Sadness, Hurt and more. Sometimes we don't even know what the feeling is, all we know is we don't feel right, something is bothering us and we don't want to feel that way anymore or you simply just want to express them.

  • Patterns or/and conversations that run over and over again in your head and you want to transform!

  • Chronic physical pain that has been there for years. We can look at what is your body saying to you, why is the pain there and what does it want to do?

$145 / 55 mins

Couples & Relationship Counselling

Should I stay or should I go? A question we often ask ourselves when we get stuck in relationships. 90 minute client centered sessions where we explore:

  • Anything between you and your friend/partner/co-worker/ex that is in the way of you being fully connected. Sometimes we might not want to stay connected to that person but still have things that are unsaid, unresolved that we can highly benefit from dealing with, mostly so we don't attract them again.

  • Some of your "automatic" behaviors and patterns and how to transform them

  • We create a safe space where you can be honest, authentic and fully open with each other. A safe space where you can both hear each other and fully communicate

$230 / 85 mins

Individual Coaching

Get empowered and in action with coaching sessions!

  • You have a goal in mind but need help creating the steps to achieve it?

  • You know the steps but you are struggling following through?

  • You know what to do & how to do it and want someone to hold you accountable?

  • You want to turn these goals into actions & results?

$145 / 55 mins

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A little step may be the beginning of a great journey

- Consultation: Free 20 minute consultation over the phone

- Long Distance: Skype & Facetime sessions available

- Insurance: If you have insurance coverage for counselling, you can submit your receipts using my registration number

- Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for an appointment change. Full fee charge for a missed appointment.